Teak Shower Floor Pros and Cons

Not sure if a teak shower floor is the best option for your bathroom? While the stunning and exotic look of teak cannot be replicated by wood “look alike” tile, it will require maintenance and care to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Here’s a helpful overview of the pros and cons of teak shower floors compared to a stand alone tile shower, written by the experts at CaribTeak.

Teak Shower Floor Pros

  • Beautiful, natural look and feel for a statement piece
  • Less slippery than most tile surfaces, even when polished and oiled
  • Dense, durable wood that isn’t prone to scratching or chipping
  • Termite resistant and doesn’t attract other bugs
  • Teak wood can withstand humid environments without rotting (when cared for properly)
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria and mold
  • Chips can easily be sanded and fixed, unlike cracked or chipped tiles

Teak Shower Floor Cons

  • It isn’t an actual floor but an insert that sits on top of the floor
  • Requires a tiled or sealed surface underneath
  • Requires ongoing maintenance and care
  • You’ll still need to clean under the panel regularly to prevent mold underneath
  • Cannot use harsh cleaners on the wood
  • Can be more expensive than tile (depending on the material and labor), as teak is one of the most expensive hardwoods

Teak Wood Maintenance and Care

Don’t let this scare you, as you’re probably already aware of the amount of time it takes to clean tile shower floors, the never-ending mildew and the impossible-to-remove grout lines. Yes, you will need to do a quick clean with a mild soap every 3-4 weeks and oil your teak wood every few months. No, this isn’t that much more involved than the time you would spend scrubbing a tiled floor, but there are extra steps involved, and you don’t want to use bleach or harsh cleaners on your wood. We believe you should know what you are getting into! Read our page to learn more about teak wood shower floor care and maintenance. As with any product, the quality of wood and workmanship, along with proper care, determines how a teak shower floor will look for years to come. We pride ourselves on using only the best, hand-selected First European Quality Burmese teak wood and hand-making each piece to order, right here in the United States. Get an instant quote for your teak shower floor here.