Transform Your Bathroom with Custom Teak Shower Floors

The warm, inviting look of a custom-built teak shower floor will transform any bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience. If you’re looking for design inspiration, check out our latest projects built in the CaribTeak workshop in Florida. These teak shower floor inserts are constructed in different sizes, custom-built and ready to ship to our customers. We’ve also built wall panels to match floor inserts, allowing the wood to flow vertically for a seamless design.

Please note that variations in color may be shown in photos due to your screen or the lighting in the photo. The color of teak wood can be stained or oiled for a darker appearance. Natural, unstained teak wood is a light color with a beautiful wood grain.

Since all of our floors are built to order, we do not carry stock of common sizes. If you are considering a teak shower floor for your bathroom project, get an instant quote here and order your floor now so that we can schedule it for production. You should also consider teak wood bathroom furniture to match your new statement piece. (Check out our woodworking projects here).